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Company Profile

Message & Management Policy

Management Policy

  1. With our motto "Quality products, Competitive price, and Timely delivery", by offering our products to the customer, we will contribute to the aerospace industries.
  2. By challenging to change, and holding the dreams and the hopes in the future, we will establish more creative and profitable corporation.


President Koichi Fukui TOYO KOKU DENSHI CO., LTD. was established in 1967 as an aviation wire harness production company, and then we have expanded business field of electrical Ground Support Equipment such as designing, developing and production.
And we are contributing to the growing the Japan aerospace manufactures.
Especially, about the rocket launch work from Japan N-I rocket to H-II rocket launching at Tanegashima-island, we are supporting rocket launch work in the field of electrical Ground Support Equipment.
On the other hand, as for the wiring checking system, we have developed an original Automatic Circuit Tester and sold it to many customers.
Furthermore, we are taking part in the Earth conscious environmental activity and we have been executing Economical Actions in company wide.
We would like to contribute to build more safe, secure and comfortable society by supplying qualified products and services in the more and more globalizing aerospace industries.