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Earth conscious Environmental Activity

Environmental Control

On the basis of the "Environmental management system Eco-Action 21" and the "Guide line report for Environmental activity 2004(written by Ministry of Environment)", we got the certification and are talking these environmental problems.

Environment Policy


TKD is recognizing that the preservation of the earth environment is the most important matters. In every field of business activities we are defending natures and resources and doing the activity in order to preserve the earth environment.

Action mottos

  1. We establish our environmental management system by judging the influence of our business to the environment.
    We determine our targets in our technical and economical reach and review it periodically.
  2. We abide by laws and regulations and agreed customer’s environmental request, And we cope with more environment preservation.
  3. We execute resource saving, energy saving, recycling, reducing industrial waste and buying greens in our every business activity.
  4. We change our negative environmental impact materials that becomes global warming and harmful to earth to an alternative items as much as possible, and contribute to reduce earth green house effect and environment loads down.